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What are the seven distinctive features of moon cake iron box packaging design?

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Look, the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and the moon cakes are also selling very hot, so at this time the moon cakes iron box has attracted everyone's attention. It is very good on the packaging, so what are the seven distinct characteristics of the moon cakes iron box packaging design?

1. implied meaning. Mid autumn moon cake has the function of communicating feelings and conveying friendship, carrying blessing and expectation. Therefore, the moon cake iron box packaging can better reflect this kind of moon cake culture. The packaging of the moon cake is made of double heart-shaped or heart-shaped, with 4 cakes in the middle. It expresses love directly. Another example is to make the iron box of moon cakes into a thick book shape, which contains some information about the moon cakes culture, so that the moon cakes culture can be permeated into the atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival to enjoy the moon and the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts. The iron box is round and looks like the ancient copper coin, which is beautiful and novel, and implies the rolling of money.

2. transplant type. The hexagonal deep cover sleeve type iron can has a small arc transition at the corner of the tank body. The bottom of the tank is extended and rolled with the tank body. The lid is divided into two parts. The forming process of the lid and the tank body is the same. The depth of the outer edge of the cover is the same as the inner curling height of the cover. The top surface is smooth. It combines the shape characteristics of the plastic packaging box of cake with the elegant color pattern, giving people a kind of luxurious feeling.

3. functional type. While guaranteeing the packaging performance of moon cakes, multi-function is an important way to expand the market of moon cakes iron box packaging. For example, the shape of the iron box is similar to a candy box, which consists of six semi-circular petals. After eating the moon cake, it can be used as a candy box. For example, the hand push type moon cake can can be used as a box for eating moon cakes. The moon cake barrel used for eating moon cakes can be used for tea or other foods.

4. profiling. The imitation moon cake iron box packaging can give full play to the advantages of iron sheet in processing and printing, and select some symbolic shapes as models. The imitation type moon cake iron box packing is mainly used for the independent packing of individual moon cakes. For example, heart-shaped cans symbolizes love; scallop shaped jars give people a sense of novelty and luxury. Similar imitation moon cake iron box packaging, with the corresponding pattern, after use can also be used for jewelry.
5. innovative. For a long time, there are two kinds of traditional iron box packaging for moon cakes, one is square iron box for four pieces of moon cakes, the other is round iron can for eight pieces of moon cakes. In recent years, with the change of people's consumption demand and the improvement of consumption level, not only the moon cakes themselves have given new connotation, but also the moon cakes iron box packaging has put forward more and higher requirements. New moon cake iron box packaging with novel structure, beautiful appearance and various functions has become an important factor in choosing moon cake packaging.
6. plane combination. The moon cake packaging box consists of two parts. The outer layer is a delicately designed carton, and the inner layer is a circle composed of four separate fan-shaped iron boxes. The whole circular pattern is an organic whole. Each fan box contains 1 cakes of different flavors. This kind of plane combination moon cake iron box packaging has both the artistic conception of enjoying the moon and the convenience of carrying. There are also exquisite design of the outer iron box or carton, the inner layer is composed of seven small fan-shaped and a larger round tin can, through the structure and pattern design, to form a whole. A large moon cake is placed in a round tin can, and a small moon cake is placed in each small fan-shaped iron box, which symbolizes family reunion and respects the elders.
7. vertical combination type. The tank body is composed of four independent round iron cans. The bottom of each round iron can is convex and coiled with its tank body. The cover of each round iron can is of double-layer structure. Four round iron cans are sleeved with the lid to form a flat-looking antique basket-like cake box, which is connected with a golden rope. Again, the inner layer is composed of four independent small round iron cans. The small round iron cans are connected with the inner roll of the cans and are equipped with green portable ropes, which are not only strong and easy to open, but also have strong visibility and display.
The above is the introduction of the seven distinct characteristics of the moon cake tin box packaging design presented by Xiaobian. For more knowledge and details, please consult our moon cake tin box or log on to our official website address to find out: website address: http://www.gdtinpack.com/
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