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Just because the advantages of the iron box are obvious, so are they changing so much in the market?

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With the rapid development of market economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food hygiene and safety issues have been paid more and more attention by consumers. In our daily life, it is considered that disposable plastic tableware, trays, paper cups, etc., which are very sanitary and clean, have become indispensable food packaging products in our daily life. There are great worries about the quality and safety. Fast food boxes, food plastic bags and paper cups are daily necessities that are closely related to the people. Therefore, it is hoped that the government will strengthen supervision and punishment, purify the environment of food packaging industry, and reduce the losses to consumers caused by the quality problems of food packaging products.
Iron-boxed food, except for a few light-colored fruits and canned fruit juice, mostly uses empty cans coated with internal paint to improve the corrosion resistance of containers; however, due to the electrochemical effect of metals, a small amount of iron dissolves from canned food without internal coating in storage, and exists in sealed canned food in the form of iron bivalent. It is absorbed easily by human body. The content is about 1 to 10 ppm. As far as raw fruit and vegetable products are concerned, their iron content is not much. The iron box products cooperated by Huangjiang used car are calculated by 350 ml beverage iron box per pot. The iron content is calculated by ppm. Each pot can supply 1.75 mg of iron, which is about one tenth of the daily intake of 18 mg by human body. If the above fruit and vegetable juice beverage cans are rich in vitamin C, then iron is more easily absorbed, so iron canned food and beverage is an excellent source of iron, and the meaning of nutrient supply of iron canned food is more profound.
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Key words:What are the functions of Dongguan iron box and Dongguan iron box?
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keywords:What are the functions of Dongguan iron box and Dongguan iron box?