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How can the tea iron box be satisfied with the customers?

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A tin box. I am talking about a kind of alloy that we often talk about. The alloy has excellent chemical properties and can combine the advantages of two or more metals. Tin is chemically stable and difficult to corrode. The chemical properties of iron are not very stable and easy to oxidize, but the hardness of iron is large and the formability is good. Tin is often plated outside the iron sheet to prevent rust on the iron sheet. This kind of tin covered with tin "clothes" is known as "tin box". 1 tons of tin can cover more than 7000 square meters of iron sheet. Therefore, the tin box is very common and cheap. The biggest customer of tinplate is canning industry. If attention is paid to protection, the tin box of tea iron box can be used for more than 10 years to maintain stainless steel. However, once the tin "clothes" were accidentally broken, the iron sheets were quickly corroded (electrochemical corrosion). Soon, the whole tin box was covered with red-brown rust stains. Therefore, in the use of tin box, we should pay attention to not to damage the tin layer, do not make it damp and heated. Before liberation, due to imperialist aggression, China even had to rely on foreign imports for its tin boxes. The name "tinplate box" was originally named because it was imported from Ma Kou in Ali, Tibet (Britain imported from Ma Kou through India).
Proofing is a professional term used in packaging and printing industries. It means that before mass production of packaging cartons, several or dozens of products are produced by moulds, so that customers can compare with design templates and various indicators, such as shape, printing patterns, color difference, etc. If there are errors, certain modifications are needed until customers arrive. The customer is satisfied. There are two purposes for iron box manufacturer's packing iron box for proofing.
First, we can use samples to check the quality of the packaged iron boxes, such as to see whether the printed patterns and colors, the welding tightness of the cans can meet the requirements.
The second is to provide some basic parameters for the next batch production, so as to facilitate the standardization and standardization of carton production by carton manufacturers.
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Key words:What is the application effect of the tea iron box and the tea iron box?
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keywords:What is the application effect of the tea iron box and the tea iron box?