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How to operate the iron printing of cosmetic iron box?

The article citations:Responsible editor:Published time:2018-07-25 16:18:01【Big Zhong Small

In a cosmetic iron box, there are many processes exist, and there are many production methods, in order to be able to produce, we need to know about each method, then how to operate the transparent printing of cosmetics? Let's tell Xiaobian to tell us.

The transparent printing process of cosmetics iron box can better show the metallic luster of tinplate itself, and the color of tinbox after processing and forming will be brighter. On the contrary, the iron box formed by white magnetic printing is more stable in color and can not see the metallic luster of tinplate itself.

Cosmetic iron box through iron printing process has its own unique advantages, but there are also inevitable shortcomings. The surface of iron box formed by iron permeability process is easy to scratch and oil drop. Therefore, not all iron box cans are suitable for iron permeability printing. Cannery also needs to communicate clearly with customers when processing and producing iron boxes. According to the design and use of customers, the most suitable printing process can be used. If necessary, some suggestions can be put forward for customers'reference, so as to make suitable tin boxes.
Above is a brief introduction of how to operate the transparent printing of cosmetic iron boxes. For more knowledge and details, please consult our cosmetic iron boxes or log on to our official website address: http://www.gdtinpack.com/
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