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Why do many food industries choose iron boxes to package products?

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 Why are there so many applications on iron boxes in the food industry nowadays, not only in the biscuit industry, but also in the increasing range of these materials, in fact, they are very convenient to use, because these biscuits are products of expiration period, biscuits must be opened as long as they are opened. Eat, otherwise, it is easier to expire, or can not eat such a situation, mildew such a situation will also occur, then if the use of iron boxes, it will be much more convenient, opened, using iron boxes can be very good to maintain the freshness of biscuits, because the storage of iron boxes is very good, dense. It is not airtight, and the material of the iron box is coated with tin tin. It is not easy to rust, also called tin plated iron.
There are also such biscuit tin boxes, which can also be used for candy, and some fruit drinks, such as raisins, because they have a shelf life, so put them in the iron box, the shelf life will be longer, because many people can not eat so much at home for a while, so they can be preserved for a period of time. Time to eat, iron boxes can also be used to pack tea, if used to pack tea, you can maintain the fragrance of tea, and there will be no mildew such a situation.
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Key words:Is the biscuit iron box, the biscuit iron box the application now many?
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keywords:Is the biscuit iron box, the biscuit iron box the application now many?