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What kind of idea does the packaging of iron boxes usually follow in the Mid Autumn Festival?

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 The design of candy biscuit packaging should consider the preference and age range of our target customers, and the design of iron box packaging should pay attention to both internal and external repairs: the interior should meet the requirements of food safety, and ensure the sealing and shading of product packaging; the design of outer iron box should emphasize the innovation of manufacturing technology and embody with design and style. The taste and style of iron box is also the key to product brand building. Tin-tin candy biscuit packaging box can avoid food deterioration due to light, temperature, oxygen, humidity, and does not fade due to aroma transmission or environmental odor through pollution. The stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials, the preservation of the original flavor of products is also the best, and the cost of packaging is relatively low.
The design of iron box appearance must be implied. Nowadays, iron box packaging is the most popular food. The design of iron box packaging should embody a kind of culture, which is a kind of repository for communicating feelings and transferring ideas. The second is to make people refreshing; the third is to make food packaging materials varied, such as paper, wood, plastic and so on, all kinds of materials have their own characteristics. Simply put, the production process of iron box packaging must be reasonably designed both inside and outside to meet the needs of the target customers and to cater to the aesthetic preferences of customers, so that it can be more easily favored by the market.
Metal cans fit environmental packaging. After this year's Mid-Autumn Festival, its news reports show that most of the non-metallic packaging moon cakes boxes after the festival have low value in recycling mixed materials, while metal cans can be regenerated and recycled, which is the best green packaging. It has recovered capital and power, and can also eliminate environmental pollution. Even if rust is dispersed in the soil, it will not have a bad effect on the environment. Metal cans are cleaner because they can also meet food cleaning requirements with proper ink printing.
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keywords:Gift iron box, gift iron box