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Will gift iron boxes need to be packed, and which colors will be more popular?

The article citations:Responsible editor:Published time:2018-10-10 11:48:01【Big Zhong Small
 The color of gift box packaging box has played a decisive role in the sale and operation of commodities. This is because vision plays a very important role in the process of consumer psychological activity. From a psychological point of view, people's acceptance and recognition of information can be divided into two stages: sensation and perception. Feeling reflects the attributes of things, perception reflects the whole of things, feeling is the basis of perception, perception is the depth of feeling. Therefore, feeling is the most basic and simplest psychological phenomenon. Visual perception accounts for 87% of the five senses, while auditory, olfactory, tactile and taste perception accounts for only 13%. It's true that seeing is believing.
The use of color is aimed at the sensitivity of consumers to buy products. The quality of color is related to the first reaction of appetite and psychology of people. The relationship between the contents of the gift packaging iron box and color is closely linked. The determination of graphics is quite important and the collocation must be based on graphics. Designers should consider how to use colors in order to fully display the contents of the product. Color has shown more and more importance in print advertisements and TV advertisements. The application of color is becoming more and more popular in advertising circles. It is also very important to use color on packaging boxes. Conduct several market surveys to understand consumers' choice of products and promote sales in color.
It can make the color bright, vivid, lively, aesthetic and pleasant. For example, Japan's serial low-box soup packaging is a group of consumer psychology as the starting point of the picture masterpiece. The author holds that although drugs are used to treat diseases, the pain of consumers in the process of treatment is unbearable, which produces a psychological feeling of fear. In view of this point in the design of the packing iron box, the author ingeniously uses bright color contrast to make people feel that this enema is different from those cold color products of the same kind, mainly written, as if there is still something that attracts people's appetite in it is not so terrible. This group of designs captures the psychology of consumers, reduces people's unpleasant feelings about drugs and enlarges marketing. In the contrast of colors, we should prevent fancy, messy, complex, raw and hard-built, and avoid the disharmonious atmosphere remaining in consumers'hearts.
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keywords:Gift iron box, gift iron box