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    2017 06-23
    Fufeng canister makes my dream come true

    An accidental order on-line consultation to Dongguan Fufeng Canning Co., Ltd., because I don't understand, all just started with a try attitude, did not expect to win customers'favor, net profit is higher than my previous month's sales profit. Mainly b

    2017 06-23
    Fufeng canister gets unanimous approval from customers

    We have cooperated with Dongguan Fufeng Canning Co., Ltd. for many years. Their professional and responsible working attitude has made great progress for both of us. Fufeng's iron boxes, whether in terms of quality or experience, are in line with the pub

    2017 06-22
    Product quality, service in place, it is worth choosing

    The attitude and quality of the canning companies we cooperated with before are getting worse and worse, so we have to choose a new cooperative unit. Later, I heard from friends that Dongguan Fufeng Canning Co., Ltd. is good, so I tried to cooperate with

    2017 06-22
    Product quality is stable and trustworthy

    We have been cooperating with Dongguan Fufeng Canning Co., Ltd. for a long time. The product quality is good, the workmanship is fine and the technical service is in place. The product is very suitable for the public. For a long time, because of their sta

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