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How can we make the packaging design of moon cakes adapt to different consumption psychology?

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Every Mid-Autumn Festival, we see most of the moon cakes in the supermarket, and the moon cakes vendors use the most of the moon cakes iron box, its storage effect is better, so that the moon cakes look better, so how to make the moon cakes iron box packaging design to adapt to different consumer psychology?
First, seeking beauty:
In the face-looking era, products will also pay attention to appearance. Consumers with certain economic capacity generally have a desire for beauty. They pay attention to the shape of commodities themselves and the packaging of moon cakes. The consumers who hold the desire for beauty are mainly young people and intellectuals, and the proportion of women in such groups is quite high.
Two. Conformity psychology
Consumers with herd mentality are willing to cater to the prevailing fashion. This kind of consumer group has a large age span, because various media fashions and celebrities'vigorous propaganda promote the formation of this psychological behavior.
Three, realistic Psychology:
It holds that the actual utility of commodities is important, the quality is good and the price is low. It does not purposely pursue the beauty of appearance and the novelty of style. The main consumer groups are the working class, housewives and the elderly consumer groups.
Young people are the main consumers who hold such psychology. They think that the style of commodities and packaging is extremely important. They pay attention to novelty and uniqueness. Among the consumers, juveniles and children account for a considerable proportion.
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