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Every Mid-Autumn Festival, we see most of the moon cakes in the supermarket, and the moon cakes vend

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In the supermarket, we can see a variety of candy exists, the packaging used is more exquisite, I do not know if you have found that many candy packaging is now using candy iron box, so how can we choose high-quality candy iron box? Let's tell Xiaobian to tell us.

Choose high quality candy box technology:

1. The appearance design, printing, bar code and specifications of candy iron boxes will give us a direct judgment. Generally, the location of high-quality candy iron boxes is printed in the prescribed place. If there are random printing rules, the surface is not qualified.

2. Look at whether there are scratches or marks on the surface of the candy box, and whether the printing surface is blurred or misplaced.
A qualified candy iron box, whether designed or printed, is made elaborately.
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keywords:Confectionery iron box